The Archies Discography

U.S. LP's Back Original Archies Catalog Date Catalog
    The Archies 1968 Calendar     1968 KES-101
    Everything's Archie 1969 Calendar     1969 KES-103
    Jingle Jangle 1969 Calendar     1969 KES-105
    Sunshine 1970 Calendar     1970 KES-107
    The Archie's Greatest Hits 1970 Kirshner     1970 KES-109
  This Is Love1971 Kirshner 1971 KES-110
      Sugar Sugar (Re-package of Everything's Archie) 1969 Kirshner 1969 KES-103

U.S. 45's B-side Original Archies Catalog Date Catalog
      Bang-Shang-A-Lang/Truck Driver 1968 Calendar PS 1968 63-1006
      Feelin' So Good (S.K.O.O.B.Y.-D.O.O)/Love Light 1969 Calendar
(is available with a Picture Sleeve - a miniature of the "Everything's Archie" LP)
1969 63-1007
      Sugar, Sugar/Melody Hill 1969 Calendar 1969 63-1008
      Jingle Jangle/Justine 1969 Kirshner 1969 63-5002
      Who's Your Baby/Senorita Rita 1970 Kirshner 1970 63-5003
      Sunshine/Over and Over 1970 Kirshner 1970 63-1009
      Together We Are Two/Everything's Alright 1971 Kirshner 1971 63-5009
      This is Love/Throw A Little Love My Way 1971 Kirshner 1971 63-5011
  A Summer Prayer For Peace/Maybe I'm Wrong 1971 Kirshner PS 1971 63-5014
  Love is Living In You/Hold On To Lovin' 1971 Kirshner 1971 63-5018
      Strangers In The Morning/Plum Crazy 1972 Kirshner 1972 63-5021

U.S. 45's Back Promos Date Catalog


All original Calendar/Kirshner singles are available as promos. The catalog #'s & 'B' sides are the same with only 2 exceptions:    
      Sunshine/Sunshine 1970 Kirshner 1970 SP-45-218
  Same Strangers in the Morning/Strangers in the Morning 1972 Kirshner 1972 SP-45-331

U.S. LP's Back Repackages Date Catalog
      So Good  Brylen 1982 BN-4415
  The Archies RCA Special Products (Laurie House)
(Two-Record Set - probably available through mail order only)   
1977 DVL2-0221
  The Grooviest Hits of the Archie's* Back-Trac   ** 1984 P 17893
    Notes *Archies is misspelled on the Album (the apostrophe is incorrect) 
**Album says 1979 (Cover says 1984)

U.S. CD's Back Reissues Date Catalog
      Bubblegum Classics Volume Three 1996 Varese Sarabande
(Sugar, Sugar)
1996 VSD-5719
      The Archies 1992 Sony Special Products/Columbia Records 1992 A-18002
      Greatest Hits **Released 05/07/97** Prime Cuts 1997 1358

U.S. 45's Back Reissues Date Catalog
      Sugar, Sugar/B-side by Albert Hammond 1981 Eric 1981 4015
      *Sugar, Sugar/Feelin' So Good 1972 Kirshner 1972 447-0930
      *Jingle Jangle/Bang-Shang-A-Lang 1972 Kirshner 1972 447-0931

*(these 2 singles are part of the RCA Gold Standard series)

U.S. LP's Back Reissues Date Catalog
    The Archies 1979 51West (7) 1979 Q-16002
  Straight A's 1981 Accord 1981 SN-7149

U.S. CD's Back Reissues Date Catalog
      Various (Now And Then) 1995 Columbia
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Sugar, Sugar 2:45) Courtesy of Upbeat Record LLC
1995 CK 67380
      Various (Shake Rattle & Roll)
(Jingle Jangle)
? ?
      20 Greatest Hits Point   266116

  45's Back Foreign Releases Date Catalog
Portugal   Jingle Jangle/Justine/Feelin' So Good/Inside Out *PS* RCA  MONO   1970 TP-531
Spain   Sunshine/Who's Your Baby *PS* RCA   1970  
Brazil Sugar, Sugar/Melody Hill RCA   1969 CC-9003-A
Spain   Bang-Shang-A-Lang/I'm In Love RCA 1968 PS-68
Germany     Bang-Shang-A-Lang/Truck Driver   *PS* RCA   1968 63-1006
      Sugar, Sugar/Melody Hill  *PS* RCA   1969 63-1008
      Everything's Alright/Together We Two  *PS* RCA   1970 63-5009
      Sunshine/Over & Over  *PS* RCA 1970 63-1009
      Summer Prayer For Peace/Maybe I'm Wrong *PS* RCA 1971 63-5014
      Jingle Jangle/Justine  RCA
(issued with a unique PS of some swinging musical? instruments that resemble an antenna (TV) of some sort. Hipp-Foto has a credit? on the sleeve)
1969 63-5002
Mexico     Jingle Jangle/Justine RCA 1969 76-3021
      Sugar, Sugar/Melody Hill *PS* RCA 1969 SGAE 3-10418
England     Sugar, Sugar/Jingle Jangle *PS* Old Gold 1980 9084
      Sugar, Sugar/Sugar & Spice *PS* Debt-CBS ? 3030
      Sugar, Sugar/Melody Hill RCA ? ?
      Who's Your Baby?/Senorita Rita RCA ? 63-5003
      This Is Love/Throw A Little Love My Way RCA 1971 2090 63-5011
      Sugar Sugar/Melody Hill RCA 1969 1872
      Jingle Jangle/Justine RCA Victor 1969 1918
Japan     Jingle Jangle/Justine *PS* RCA 1970 SS-1925
So Africa     This Is Love/Throw A Little Love My Way RCA 1971 42-223 63-5011
      You Little Angel, You/Nursery Rhyme RCA
(This single was not released in the US)
1969 42-154
Canada     Feelin' So Good (S.K.O.O.B.Y.-D.O.O)/Love Light RCA Victor
(Bright Red Label)
1969 63-1007

  45's Back Foreign Reissues Date Catalog
Germany     Sugar, Sugar
(Extended Candy Floss Mix)/Sugar, Sugar (original)/Sugar & Spice
ZYX Records
1987 5711
England     Sugar, Sugar/Feelin' So Good  RCA ? ?

  45's Back Foreign EP's Date Catalog

Bang-Shang-A-Lang/Truck Driver/Feelin' So Good/Love Light RCA

1969 CD-19002

Over & Over/Should Anybody Ask/Maybe I'm Wrong/La Dee Doo Down Down *PS* RCA Picture Sleeve is a miniature of "This Is Love" LP Cover

1972 TP-609

Sugar,Sugar/Melody Hill/Catchin' Up On Fun/I'm In Love *PS* RCA 

1969 TP-509

Jingle Jangle/Justine/Sugar & Spice/Archie's Party *PS* RCA

1970-1971 MKE-1230
Saudi Arabia    

Jingle Jangle/Justine/Bang-Shang-A-Lang/Sugar, Sugar *PS*

? MTR (391)
Spanish     Otra Y otra Vez/Brillo De Sol/Whoopee Tie Ai A/Ella Me Esta Cambiando EP RCA/Victor ? mke1306

  LP's Back Foreign LP's Date Catalog

Jingle Jangle RCA

1969 KES-105

The Archies RCA  # LPVS-7762

1968 KES-101

 Sunshine Label Unknown

1970 PRC-5085

The Archies Greatest Hits Label Unknown

1970 CSJ-1035
South Africa    

The Archies RCA

1968 38-039
      Jingle Jangle    RCA 1969 38-166
Australia     Get On The Line RCA (This is the Jingle Jangle LP with the title changed) 1969 XYRS-4186

Sugar, Sugar   RCA

1969 XYRS-3947
England     Sugar, Sugar   RCA 1969 XYRS-3948
China     Everything's Archie   Liming Records (words included - poorly translated - on the back cover) 1969 LM-2312

  CD's Back Foreign CD's Date Catalog
UK The Archies Sugar, Sugar Greatest Hits Sleeping Giant Music 1997 CDSGP0225

The Archies Greatest Hits Evergreen (8) ( (semi-legitimate? release) obviously taken from the Vinyl. Cover art is not the John Goldwater characters. Spine says "The Archies - 20 Greatest Hits" but it is a ten track disk.


20 Greatest Hits Black Tulip(9)

1988 2636262

20 Greatest Hits Black Tulip


20 Greatest Hits Black Tulip


20 Greatest Hits Sound Sol

UK     Sugar, Sugar Woodford   WMCD-5670
Germany     Greatest Hits Bellaphon   288.07.011
Canada     Best Of Polytel   845619-2

The Best Of The Archies  Hit Avenue(12)

1988 32GD-7004

  45's Back Covers on 45 Date Catalog

Sugar Sugar/Same Gusto Records "Mike Lunsford" - Starday - Don Kirshner Music - Prod. by Tommy Hill (Promo copy with DJ notes on one side)

1975 GO-133

Sugar Sugar as part of medley titled Medley:Intro "Venus"-Sugar Sugar-No Reply-I'll Be Back -Drive My Car-Do You Want To Know A Secret-We Can Work It Out-I Should Have Known Better-Nowhere Man-You're Going To Lose That Girl-Stars On 45  "Stars on 45" Radio Records () Stars On 45 "Produced by Jaap Eggermont" (Debuted on Billboard 4/11/81 - Charted for 21 weeks and was Number 1 for 1 week 6/20/81/)

1981 RR 3810

  LP's Back Covers on LP Date Catalog

Sugar And Spice by Jack Wilde


The Jack Wilde Album Capital

1970 SKAO 545

  CD's Back Covers on CD Date Catalog

Saturday Morning (Cartoon's Greatest Hits) Various (includes Sugar, Sugar) Mary Lou Lord with Semisonic MCA

1995 MCAD-11348


Doyle Tatum - Alpharetta, Georgia

Donnie Thompson - Doraville, Georgia

Keith Davideit - Mauldin, SC (1959-2003)