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Running Time 60 Minutes

Archie Videos 1978 Thorn-EMI


Catalog #


Dance Numbers

Volume 1


Boys & Girls 
Catchin' Up On Fun

The Jughead 
The Hamburger Hop 
The Beanie

Volume  2

(Pictured above)


You Make Me Wanna Dance 
Time For Love

The Betty 
The Banana Split

Volume  3


I'm In Love 
Rock & Roll Music

The Weatherbee 
The Grundy 
The Surfer

Volume  4


La Dee Doo Down Down

The Touchdown 
The Veronica Walk

Note from Keith - The dance numbers which precede each song are also performed by The Archies.
They were showcased in "The Archie Show" 1968/1969 and "The Archie Comedy Hour" 1969/1970.   I'll list some other "dance of the week" numbers at a later time.

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