The Rock Flowers

If anyone can, the Rock Flowers can break the jinx, on girl singing duos, trios, quartets and choruses, at least in the pop rock mode. The 4-girl Fanny, now enjoying a record and concert boom, is rated as a band rather than song group. The Lennon Sisters were tiptop tune queens for years-strictly in the Lawrence Welk style, a far far cry from contemporary pop. The Supremes are the only femme singing trio to beat the hex. Did they ever! The Supremes and Honey Cone, however, are Motown bluesoulers.

That leaves the Rock Flowers as the one and only trio of real live pretty-girl performers with any chance of success in the male-dominated music world. The talents of the three Flowers are in full bloom despite their tender years. Tall, slender blonde Rindy Dunn has been a pro since her 5th birthday, singing, tap dancing, modeling, acting and appearing in so many TV shows, commercials, stage shows she can't count that high. (Math was always her worst subject in school.) That ain't all; she plays piano, guitar and dulcimer, which Funk and Wagnals says is a "wire-stringed instrument of trapezoidal shape played with light hand-held hammers." She also designed album covers for the Buffalo Springfield and other ear-splitting rockbands.

Beautiful Debbie Clinger, what a doll! We knew her when she and three older sisters, billed as the Clinger sisters were winning fame, acclaim and bread, too, on records, concerts and national network shows. The act broke up when Melody Clinger got herself hung up on love, married some guy and split to Colorado.

Dusky Ardie Tillman, an exotic cock- tail of French, Irish, Indian and African bloods, had her professional baptism in a trio with a brother and sister, later joining Sugar which enjctyed a season of success before it defuncted.

The Rock Flowers do their thing on the Wheel label, released by canny RCA, under the artistic wing of Wes Farrell, a funky fellow who wrote songs and produced the best disks the "Partridge Family" ever did. "Number Wonderful" (#I-derful) is one of Wes' creations.

Rock Flowers is patterned after the musical dolls made by Mattel Toys who own the Wheel label but also Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus.

"We're sure these three girls will become a gigantic force in the business of entertaining," Wes says. "They'll reach all age groups but are fine-tuned to early teenagers. They've got the looks, sound and performing style like nobody before them." Well, well, we'll see.