Music That Appeals to the Fans of Bubblegum

What is bubblegum music? Here is our explanation and this also defines the website content. We believe a song would meet one of three distinct categories that could cause a song to fall into the bubblegum category:

Created As Bubblegum - Some songs were intentionally written to appeal to the pre-teen market such as those pumped out of the Kasenentz -Katz factory. Usually these songs were written to fit the Bubblegum formula as closely as possible.
Bubblegum By Their Sound - These songs just sound like a bubblegum song. They have a very catchy melody, lighthearted lyrics giving the listener a happy feeling, fairly short and would definitely appeal to a 10 year old. This type of song can be by any group of any year, not necessarily by a band/singer that is considered as bubblegum.
Bubblegum By Association - May not especially sound like bubblegum but was cranked out in a bubblegum manner. Most likely by a band/singer that was created in a bubblegum fashion (like The Archies, Sugar Bears, Rock Flowers, Banana Splits, etc.). An artist may also be included because of their involvement in the creation of Bubblegum music (such as Andy Kim who was heavily involved in the creation of the Archies music).