Bubblegum Single Servings

These are songs we consider as rare bubblegum tunes

Boo On You Bazooka
B-559 Bang 196(?) This record is most likely Austin (“Something’s Wrong With Me”; “Rocky”) Roberts.  
Carry On Carole Sounds Of Modification
45-5640 Jubilee   This group also has an LP on the same label.  
Cherry Pie Sixth Day Creation
LR 3483 Laurie 196(?) A mystery group. Pop-Rock, but with those trademark bubblegum “food as metaphor” lyrics.  
Covered Wagon Cowsills
45-170 London 1971 Great Rocking Record By this family. Did not appear on any of their LPs.  
Heigh-Ho The Fifth Estate  
45-5595 Jubilee 1967 Follow-up to the group’s top 40 hit “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” This is a re-make of the1939 tune from “Snow White”    
Hot Dog The Ohio Express  
K SK 14 Super K 1969 Another food lyric. This song would be nasty if the The Village People had recorded it.  
I'm Gonna Blow You A Kiss In The Wind Boyce & Hart  
380 B&H Aquarian 1968 This was performed by Boyce & Hart on  an episode of “Bewitched”. Sarina (Samantha's Cousin) also sang her ultra groovin’ version in the same episode. This song escaped inclusion on any Boyce & Hart LP.  
Jamaica Bohanna  
SCE-12252 Scepter 196(?) This song is so hyperactive it almost sounds like it’s playing at the wrong speed. Written by Joey Levine & Bobby Bloom. Sounds like Joey singing too.  
Listen To The Sound Wool  
4-45278 Columbia   This song was re-made by the Partridge Family and though not released on record, was used in episode 28 of their show.  
Lookin' For A Good Time The Partridge Family  
45,414 Bell 1973 The last and most obscure of The Partridge Family singles, and the most bubblegum sounding. This has a very adult theme about being busted as a minor in a strip club. Wonderful hooks, handclaps, and great vocals. This song was also included on their “Bulletin Board” LP.
Love Song The Jackson 5    
M1205F Motown 1972 An excellent J5 song that slipped through the cracks and escaped an album release. This is the B-side to the equally excellent “Lookin’ Through The Windows”. This record  was one that attempted to move The J5 away from the established formula of their earlier singles. It has a more accomplished and laid back vocal by Michael than the previous singles, But still has the trademark trade-offs with Jermaine.
Mixin' Matchin' Day Rockflowers  
N/A Mattel 1970 This is a toy record that plays at 33 1/3. It was included with the Rosemary “Rockflowers” doll produced by Mattel in 1970. This song sounds very similar to the material by Josie & The Pussycats.
Mother May I The Cattanooga Cats    
F-123 Forward 1969 This is Bubblegum from the Saturday morning Hanna-Barbera cartoon “Cattanooga Cats”. The opening riff is lifted straight from The Turtles “She’d Rather Be With Me”. This song gets the award for most naughty sexual innuendo lyric. The Church Lady would love it.  
Run, Run, Run The Third Rail  
5-10191 Epic 1967 Bubblegum maestro Joey Levine was a member of this group.  
Sha La Boom Boom Bobby Bloom    
K 14437 MGM 1970 This song  was originally intended for The Monkees on their album “Changes”. The Monkees used “Oh My My “ instead and this tune was put out by Bobby. It was also released Under the title “Heavy Makes You Happy” On  “The Bobby Bloom Album”. (Some pressings of the album have it listed as “Heaven Makes You Happy” on the label) The Staple Singers later had a top-40 hit with this tune. (with another slight title variation!)
Smilin' Boyce & Hart  
380 B&H Aquarian 1968 This is the flip side of “I’m Gonna Blow You A Kiss In The Wind” (see above)  
Someone Like You Sugar Bears  
122 Big Tree 1971 This is the flip side of The Sugar Bears first single, “You Are The One” and is a bit catchier than the A-side (our opinion). Both songs are featured on their LP “Presenting The Sugar Bears”. The Sugar Bears are a cartoon band created to back Sugar Bear, the Bear who once graced the Sugar Smacks cereal box (now known as Honey Smacks). All the Honey Bear (she’s the tambourine player) vocal parts on the album are sung by Kim (Bette Davis Eyes) Carnes. She was also in David Cassidy’s touring band at this time.    
Strangers In The Morning The Archies  
63-5021 Kirshner 1972 This is the last and most obscure of all the Archie’s records. Archie sings about the woes of a one night tryst.  
Sunshine World Cosmic Brotherhood  
1097 A&M 196(?) Another mystery group. This song is very similar in sound to the Banana Splits with a nice psychedelic freak-out in the middle.  
Sweet Times Rock Flowers  
N/A Mattel 1970 Flip side of “Mixin’ Matchin’ Day” (see above). Sweet Times was the B side of the Rosemary, Heather and Lilac doll records.  
The Day Turns Me On (The Bufferin Song) The Innocence  
KA237 Kama Sutra 1967 More flower pop than bubblegum, this song is pleasant and catchy. This group also had a hit as The Trade Winds, with “New York’s A Lonely Town” in 1965.  
The Goofin' Song The Fifth Estate    
JB-5588 Jubilee 1967 This song also has a flower pop leaning. It’s a cross between The Lovin Spoonful’s “Daydream” and the Harpers Bizarre hit “The 59th Street Bridge Song”. This song sticks to you like a wad of  Bazooka on your shoe in the K Mart parking lot on a 92 degree day.  
The Grooviest Girl In The World The Fun and Games  
73042 Uni (LP) 1968 A very groovy track from their album called “Elephant Candy”. This track and the ultra- bubblegum title song were both issued as singles. Bubblegum/Pop genius Gary Zekley produced this album.
The Kissin' Game The Licorice Schtik    
45-17131 Dot 196(?) Another mystery group. Pure bubblegum in the “Simon Says” tradition.   The Licorice Schtik
(Foreign 45)
Ulla People  
2499 Capitol 1969 This American band had a top 40 hit with the Zombies song “I Love You” in 1968.  
We Gotta Go Home The Music Explosion  
LR-3414 Laurie 1967 The Kasenentz/Katz writing duo penned and produced the previous two hits by this group but for this record, turned the reins over to the duo of  Bo Gentry and Ritchie Cordell (writers of “I Think We’re Alone Now”). The result is some R&B tinged bubblegum.  
We The Fun and Games  
55128 Uni 196(?) This single was released after their only LP (“Elephant Candy”) and is not included with those tracks. This is a very pretty flower pop ballad. The melody is similar to the one in the verses of  “Shannon” the 1976 hit by Henry Gross. This song would fit perfectly on the Association’s “Birthday” Album.    
Wait Till Tomorrow The Banana Splits  
32391 Decca 1968 This is the debut single by The Banana Splits. It’s a mid-tempo ballad with nice baroque touches.  
When I'm With You The Bazooka Company  
F-1671 Fontana 196(?) This is another mystery group. The Dunwich logo on the label suggests involvement from the famous Chicago producer Bill Traut. This song is the B-side.    
Where Angels Go Trouble Follows Boyce and Hart  
919 A&M 1967 This song is the theme from the movie of the same name. The film was a sequel to the Hayley Mills movie “The Trouble With Angels”. This great Boyce & Hart track escaped release on any of their albums. It was released as the B-side of “Goodbye Baby”.  
With Every Beat Of My Heart Shawn  
KS-12835 Kapp 1972 This is a re-make of  a Josie & The Pussycats song. The track is almost identical. We don’t know who Shawn is but she sounds rather young. Josie’s version has the edge.  
You Are The One Sugar Bears  
122 Big Tree 1971 This is the A-side to the Sugar Bears record mentioned above. This heavily orchestrated track has a retro 50’s sounding drum beat underneath it. It’s also included on their LP.  
You're Better By Far Sixth Day Creation  
LR 3483 Laurie 196(?) This track is the B-side of “Cherry Pie” (see above) It has a slightly Beatle-esque sound and lyrics about courage in the face of adversity.    
  We're The Banana Splits The Banana Splits    
32391 Decca 1968

This is the B-side of Their debut single "Wait 'Til Tomorrow"

  Warm My Soul The Partridge Family    
812-2 Slamajama 1998

This track was recorded as the intended follow-up to "I Think I Love You" but "Does'nt Somebody Want To Be Wanted" was chosen  instead. David re-recorded the song for one of his solo LPs but the original Partridge version remained unused until 1998 when it was issued on the obscure CD "David Cassidy's Partridge Family Favorites" sold through The QVC network.

  Seven Days A Week Janssen & Roberts    

This song Is From The Saturday Morning Cartoon "Scooby Doo Where Are You". The Songs on the show were always mysterious to viewers as the artists were never credited. In 1998 this song finally saw release on the CD "Scooby-Doo's Snack Tracks". It's still a mystery as the artists are still not credited on the disc. It is most Likely performed by the songs writers Danny Janssen and Austin Roberts.